Simonelli Appia
WBC Official Espresso Machine

The Nuova Simonelli Appia was designed for average to high-volume use with an excellent price-to-quality ratio. Though part of Simonelli’s economy line-up, the Appia was created with the same technological platform as the Aurelia, sharing much of the same functionality and features including dual stainless steel steam wands (2 and 3-group models only) and raised brew groups.

SIS guarantees a thick and creamy espresso shot.  This patented soft infusion system increases the amount of crema in the cup while compensating for tamping errors. In fact, this innovative double infusion system eliminates channeling guaranteeing a perfect and uniform extraction.
Safe and Ergonomic 
The steam controls are easy-to-use push/pull levers that can be held open or locked in place and the steam wands can maneuver 360 degrees for ease of use with any size steaming pitcher, and the optional Cool Touch steam wands are safer for the Barista to maneuver. The exposed groups are easy to see and access without bending over, and the portafilters handles incline downwards to make the hand's position more natural when holding it.
The Appia includes advanced features such as the optional “Smart” Wand (volumetric models only) and automatic back flushing cycle (2 and 3-group only).

Appia is available in 1, 2 (full-size or compact) or 3-group models to fit any need. With its modern style, simple lines and stainless steel accents, Appia suits any type of location.

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