Elektra Micro Casa Semi-Automatic

This semi-commercial machine utilizes a heat exchanger system similar to those used on full-size commercial espresso machines. This allows it to deliver a consistently hot espresso, and simultaneous high pressure steam for cappuccino or latte. And the three-way "solenoid" valve relieves pressure and sucks out the water in the group (brew head) when you've finished extracting your espresso. This means the portafilter (handle) can immediately be removed, re-filled with coffee and replaced to quickly brew your next single or double espresso.

Large 2 litre boiler capacity.
Easy access to ample supply of powerful amounts of "dry" steam.
Large water reservoir to refill boiler
Sight glass with pressure gauge to monitor water levels and pressure.
Equipped with boiler pressure relief valve and built-in thermostat to ensure the safety of machine.
Available in 3 distinct models

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