Franke SuperAutomatics

Franke manufactures an extensive line of Swiss engineered, fully automatic machines offering bean-to-cup technology. This means that it will automatically dispense fresh-ground, fresh-brewed espresso or coffee, as well as steamed fresh milk, all at the touch of a button.

Designed to deliver up to hundreds of cups per day, these machines incorporate 2 separate bean hoppers with independent grinders, enabling you to serve 2 different types of coffee, or even blend them together. Two separate milk lines allow the user to create heated or foamy milk, or any combination of the two.

The Franke machines will dispense two espressos or two coffees at the same time, one complete cappuccino or latte, hot milk or hot water - all at the push of a button. Especially useful in office settings.

Franke Flair Features:
  • User friendly display makes it easy to program & operate.
  • The variable brewing chamber (5-16 grams) can prepare one or two cups in a single brewing process; the patented one-step cappuccino system produces perfectly frothed and/or steamed milk mixed with fresh espresso.
  • 2 individually programmable grinders and independent hoppers enable you to provide a simple decaffeinated or drip-style coffee option if you choose.
  • Features a unique, intelligent pre-brew aroma system delivering the full flavour in every cup.
  • Produces the full range of coffees at the touch of a button with all products individually programmable for coffee volume, water, milk and temperature.
  • All buttons can be individually programmed to meet user's specific needs and menu
  • Removable 5.5 litre water tank provides sufficient capacity for approximately 40 cappuccinos
  • Simple and quick cleaning, rinsing and de-scaling programs minimize maintenance costs.
  • Many other programmable features incuded
  • Comes with free 1 year preventive maintenance program
Franke Flair Specifications:
  • Coffee Counter (Audit Trail)
  • Height Adjustable Coffee Outlet 75 -155 mm
  • Bean Hopper Capacity 250 gr or 500 gr with extensions
  • Programmable On/Off Switch
  • Water Tank Capacity 5.5 Litres
  • Power 2400 watts
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 42 x 50 x 50.5 cm
  • Separate Hot Water & Steam Wand

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