Victoria Arduino Theresia

Theresia is named in tribute to Pier Teresio Arduino who, in 1905, founded the historic Victoria Arduino brand of espresso coffee machines.
Designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, it is made of SuperMirror stainless steel and imagined as having a diamond concealed inside. This machine is both striking and functional at the same time, combining both tradition and innovation. Theresia has also been designed to house  the innovative T3 system (three-dimensional temperature) developed by Nuova Simonelli for the Aurelia II, the official machine of the World Barista Championship.

Theresia is available in two models:
with the “Eagled Cup Warmer” cover or without.

  • HEES (High Efficiency Extraction System) optimizes espresso extraction
  • Heaviest brew groups in the industry (5 kg.) means100% brew temperature stability
  • T3 technology (multiple PID’s) allow the Barista to view and adjust the boiler, group and coffee water temperature
  • Multifunction LCD Display controls electronic temperature adjustment, grind check, shot time, on/off programming and maintenance programming
  • Automatic back flushing program for fast and easy group cleaning
  • Raised groups fit 20oz cups
  • Cool Touch steam wands are safer for the Barista to maneuver
  • Portafilters are Teflon-coated for easier cleaning
  • Long-lasting Stainless Steel body
  • Daily mean drink capacity: 150 (based on a 12 oz latte or cappuccino)

Elegant and Sophisticated. Theresia truly exemplifies Italian craftsmanship: the stainless steel exterior undergoes a multi-step polishing process to achieve a SuperMirror finish.

Intelligent. Features like automatic back flushing, PID, grind check, shot time and pre-infusion time adjustment, water softener replacement scheduling and other programming features make Theresia both easy to use and highly functional.

Perfect Brewing – HEES guarantees a thick and creamy espresso shot. The cutting-edge High Efficiency Extraction System increases the amount of crema and aroma in the cup, even if the barista is not a seasoned professional. HEES is an innovative double infusion system that compensates for tamping errors and eliminates channeling, guaranteeing a perfect and uniform extraction.

Standard Colour

    SuperMirror stainless steel


Efficient and Simple. Theresia is a “volumetric” espresso machine that assures consistency regardless of the operator, by pre-programming the espresso  water volume and temperature.

And Theresia incorporates the patented T3 technology, an innovative PID system developed for use on the World Barista Championship machine. Digital pressostats and temperature sensors instantly send information to the control unit through 3 independent PIDs which actively manage 3 separate parameters, in order to grant maximum thermal stability. There are separate PID’s for adjusting the water temperature of each of the thermal insulated stainless steel boilers (steam boiler and group water boiler) and a third PID for controlling the temperature of the independently heated group. All three PIDs can be read and adjusted to 0.1 degrees directly from the LCD display panel by the Barista.

Ergonomic. The tall exposed group fits a larger cup size, and delivery keys back-lit. The portafilter handles are inclined downwards to make the hand's position more natural when holding it, while the 5 kg brew groups are designed to precise engineering standards to allow for smooth locking and unlocking of portafilters, easing pressure on the Barista’s hands and wrists. The steam wands swivel 360 degrees for ease of use with any size steaming pitcher, and the standard Cool Touch steam wands are safer for the Barista to maneuver.

Technical Data

Type Volumetric
Number of Brew Groups 1 Group
Steam Boiler Size (litres) 1.1L
Coffee Boiler Size (litres) 0.7L
Voltage Requirement 220V
Power Requirement (Watts) 3000W
Height (cm/inch) 58.5cm  (23”)
Width (cm-inch) 43cm (17'')
Depth (cm-inch) 46cm (18'')
Weight (Kg-Lbs) 32Kg (70Lbs)
Colours SuperMirror Stainless Steel
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